JJJUUUST Finished something stressfull sooo…. Like Grey’s here’s my 30 seconds dance party with the song I was playing.


eXcss - June Techno Mix - Trippy Edit

Yes, it’s a 1 hour 40 minutes mix of pure awesome techno music. Some oldies and newbies here. It’s worth the hear.

This set is PERFECT for a trip… it starts slow… with some -not so rude- melodies and then ;) well, just. Hear it.

Feel free to download.

I’ll try to make an ID list… :p

** Simian Mobile Disco - Witches Of Agnesi
** Cosmin TRG - Sirop
** Baiyon - Versprechen
** Robag Wruhme - Mensur
** Scuba - Flash Addict
** Simian Mobile Disco - Niburu
** Scuba - Never
** Photek + Pinch - M25FM
** Simian Mobile Disco - Casu Marzu
** Simian Mobile Disco - Skin Cracker
** Shinichi Osawa - Electro 411
** Elektropusher - Scooping
** Lazy Rich - Diskofukkr
** Gingy - Swagger
** Mason - Exceder
** Noisia - Machine Gun
** Yan Oxigen - Alert
** Psychatron - NvrSayNvr
** Drivepilot - Regrets
** Simian Mobile Disco - Gizzard
** Shinichi Osawa - Singapore Madness
** Cosmin TRG - Plaisir Interdit
** Untold - Luminous
** Simian Mobile Disco - Pareidolia



This time on Perfect Match is the Shinichi Osawa Match!!!!!!!

Just 4 songs perfectly well mixed and vibrant for a nice dance.

We open the match with:


After That… the Match will guide you trough:


And finish de mix with:

———Bug Raiders - Turbo Love (Shinichi Osawa Remix)*

Hope it’s enjoyable!!!!! :D!!!!

Feel Free to Download.

A Raw Piece of Mix

Luillo: Lot of old and new songs on this Techno set.

The obvious prime time goes to Simian Mobile Disco’s Unpattern’s songs. 3 Of em’ in the whole mix, it’s a nice one, so check it out!

I may or not provide you all with a tracklist :) If you ask nicely.

All of the music I used do not belong to me. So Kudos for all those great artist :D

This will be an exercise I’m willing to make now and then… I need to practice more the transitions between a song and another, and PERFECT MATCH is perfect for this job…

I’ll be matching 2 or 3 songs per upload.

This time the Songlist consists of:

Skyhigh - FreeTempo
Maximum Joy - Shinichi Osawa

Love the Dance Dance Dance Dance… song…

It goes something like this:

Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Da…

Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance DanDanDan Dance… Everybody…

Dadadance dance , Music , dance , dance , dance till I die 

Dance , dance , dance , Music dadadance minna odore ba 

Dadadance dance Music dadadance , dance , People 

Dance , dance , dance music how we doin  

What  s up ? Everybody 

Dadadance , dance , music dadadance dance saikou 

Everybody dance dance music 

odore ba dance party odore 

dadadance , dance music dadadance dance people 

How we doin  saikou da ze 

How we doin  saikou , odore 

I wanna dance dance music dadadance , dance party 

How we doin  saikou da ze 

how we doin  everybody odore 

I wanna you wanna dance let  s go to the party 

Dance sa? odore all night long you and me 

Dadadance , dadadadadadadaddada ………..