One of the best parts of this year’s LeakyCon for me was getting the chance to meet MinaLima. MinaLima is the design studio of Miraphora Mina, Eduardo Lima, and Lauren Wakefield, and they are the team who produced all of the graphic design within the Harry Potter films. They were at LeakyCon to promote their new project The Printorium, where they’re selling high quality art prints of several of the pieces they designed for the films.

I never thought I would actually have the chance to meet the team behind all of the iconic Harry Potter designs. I’ve watched the special features segment on the Half Blood Prince DVD of Bonnie Wright talking to Eduardo and touring the art department practically frame by frame trying to catch all of the details of the beautiful design work that are barely even visible in the films, and I’ve started at the photo below wishing that I could go to their studio and see all of amazing art the team created for the movies in person.

However, for the longest time Google searches barely turned up anything, so I just accepted that they lived in another world and wouldn’t be interested in interacting with fans or sharing more of their work. So when I heard they would be going to LeakyCon, and then started emailing with them beforehand and learned that they had seen some of my videos, I was just so excited to be able to ask all of the questions I had about the art in the movies that I had been wondering about for years.

I had the chance to interview them, which you can watch on YouTube here, and check out more photos from their booth at LeakyCon in the full blog post.

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