If you think you need to be “skinny”, watch this.

why is he so pathetic

wow i am cured now thanks

is that a garage door behind him is he taking this video in his garage am i the only one that’s creeped out by that

his bulimic girlfriend chose puking over him 
now he wants revenge! 

he really wants to score some pussy 

I’m like, trying to figure out why this is so hilarious to me. Maybe because of the fucking background music or the fact that he’s filming this in some sketchy area, or maybe just because he’s so passionate about what he’s saying that I can’t take him seriously. That’s nice and all, dude, but oh my god. Thank you, white boy on the internet.

Wow, James Franco is looking like shit these days.

And it’s really distracting and irritating that he’s using Michael Giacchino’s “Life & Death” track from LOST.

And he’s skinny… 

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    I’m going to watch this every time I start to restrict. This is perfect.
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    This is so inspirational and beautiful, ladies and guys … WATCH THIS!!!!! It will literally make you cry.♥
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